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We educate 1st - 8th grade and
 inspire a passion for learning!

One on one student instructionChild-centered education:
Montessori education is a child-centered approach to teaching that is very different from traditional models of education. Teachers carefully consider each student's individual developmental and education level in an effort to meet the needs of the "whole child." 

Life-Long Learners:
We strive to provide a stimulating work environment that naturally draws children to learning  They are given the responsibility to choose what they want to work on and when. By allowing students to explore their own interests, their learning experiences are richer, more intense, and long-lasting.  Consequently our students love school and become life-long learners

Our classrooms are multi-leveled. Older, more experienced students guide and mentor younger students socially and academically. This fosters a greater sense of responsibility and confidence.  They participate in group activities both in school and in the wider community. Consequently, our students display unparalleled leadership qualities.

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This Month's Events:

Winter P.E. Starts Jan. 9th

All of the students have been signed up for Winter P.E. which starts on Friday, January 9th. Reminder: all students that leave the campus for P.E. will be transported to and from their various P.E. locations by bus. The bus will depart at 1:30 p.m. and return by 3:15 p.m. each Friday. Written consent must be submitted to the front desk before the bus departs if parents plan on picking up children from his/her P.E. location (the Summit, Flathead Gymnastics Academy or Woodland Ice Rink). Also, if you arrive to pick up your child(ren) at school before the bus arrives at 3:15 p.m. on Fridays, please park in the lot instead of parking at the curb to ensure that the bus has plenty of room to maneuver and park. Ends March 6th.

Reader’s Corner

Elementary II is beginning the new year with Terry reading Watership Down by Richard Adams. Jason is the Elem. I read-aloud teacher currently and is reading The Doll People by Anna M. Martin and Laura Godwin. These books can provide a great topic of discussion when riding home from school. Children love to know that parents are interested in what they do at school especially when their parents are knowledgeable (like knowing the name of the current read-aloud) and can ask them about specific activities.


School Closure

In lieu of this week’s school closure due to weather conditions please remember that Kalispell Montessori and Middle School will close if Kalispell District #5 closes. Please listen to Bee Broadcasting radio stations and KOFI radio for announcements about school closures. The Flathead County School website also lists all school closures (they list both public and private schools) http://flathead.mt.gov/schools/closures.php 


Montessori Walkabout

We will be taking twenty-one students to the Flathead County Science Fair on March 5th.

Isn’t that exciting! That is quite an accomplishment because this is only the third year that Montessori has held a science fair. All of our students did intelligent and conscientious work on their projects. The following students will be presenting their projects at the fairgrounds on March 5th:

3rd Year                                                                                              4th Year

1st place – Kennedy Moore and Hailey Hendrickson                  1st place – Maya Lacey

2nd place – Skyler Cameron and Rye Duffy                               2nd place – Elizabeth Spradlin

3rd place – Hayden Townsley                                                    3rd place – Emma Cummings

4th place – Keanu Ng                                                               4th place – Simon Gugler

4th place – Eleanor Workswright


5th Year                                                                                  6th Year

1st year – Jake Ritzdorf                                                             Stella Eddy

2nd year – Ellie Hawes                                                              Henry Smith

3rd year – Henry Spradlin                                                         Vanessa Halper

4th year – Calder Townsley                                                       James Thompson


Middle School

1st place – Colton Upton – 7th year                                                                                                                                           

2nd place – Ian Lacey – 7th year

3rd place – Evan Hendrickson – 7th year           

4th place – Lilly Crothers – 7th year

County Science Fair was a win-win for Montessori students! Our students took three Grand Champion awards; Rye Duffy and Skyler Cameron (3rd year), Maya Lacey (4th year), Henry Smith (6th year). In the Reserve Champion awards; Jake Ritzdorf (5th year), Ellie Hawes (5th year), Henry Spradlin (5th year). First Place awards went to; Keanu Ng (3rd), Calder Townsley (5th year), James Thompson (6th year). Second Place awards went to; Hayden Townsley (3rd year),  Elizabeth Spradlin (4th year), Emma Cummings (4th year), Simon Gugler (4th year), Ian Lacey (7th year), Lilly Crothers (7th year), Evan Hendrickson (7th year). Eleanor Workswright (3rd year) received a fourth place award. Congratulations to all the students! 

We are still bragging about Science Fair winners – early this week 6th year student Henry Smith received a silver ribbon for second place in his division at the State Science Fair in Missoula.

Congratulations Henry! Former KME & MS student Luke Ritzdorf won a gold award and the opportunity to continue competition in the Broadcom Masters a nationwide science competition.

 Awesome is the word for Jake Ritzdorf’s efforts in being awarded the Charles H. Townes Supernova
Award for Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics. Jake and two other Boy Scouts from Cub Scout Pack 4921 were the first to be awarded this honor at the Pack’s Blue and Gold Banquet.

Congratulations to Ian Lacey for his efforts at the County Spelling Bee last week. Ian was 9th out of 26 students who competed. But that’s not all for Ian! He will be representing KME & MS at the State Geography Bee in Billing on March 27th.


Upcoming Events

Parent/Teacher Conferences-March

Breakfast for Lunch March 25

Spring Break Starts March 27 through April 5

Montessori Magic Is Coming In April
Don’t be the last to get your act together! Montessori Magic is Thursday, April 16th. We are bursting with talent at Montessori so let’s let it out for all to see!

Senior Thesis Night Thursday, April 23

Book Fair May 5-8

Teacher Appreciation Week May 4-8

Elizabethan Festival May 14 at FVCC

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