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We educate 1st - 8th grade and
 inspire a passion for learning!

One on one student instructionChild-centered education:
Montessori education is a child-centered approach to teaching that is very different from traditional models of education. Teachers carefully consider each student's individual developmental and education level in an effort to meet the needs of the "whole child." 

Life-Long Learners:
We strive to provide a stimulating work environment that naturally draws children to learning  They are given the responsibility to choose what they want to work on and when. By allowing students to explore their own interests, their learning experiences are richer, more intense, and long-lasting.  Consequently our students love school and become life-long learners

Our classrooms are multi-leveled. Older, more experienced students guide and mentor younger students socially and academically. This fosters a greater sense of responsibility and confidence.  They participate in group activities both in school and in the wider community. Consequently, our students display unparalleled leadership qualities.

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We do participate in collecting BOX TOPS and CAMPBELL SOUP LABELS. Please save them up and bring them in. Easy way to earn money for our school.

School Closure

School closure due to weather conditions please remember that Kalispell Montessori and Middle School will close if Kalispell District #5 closes. Please listen to Bee Broadcasting radio stations and KOFI radio for announcements about school closures. The Flathead County School website also lists all school closures (they list both public and private schools) http://flathead.mt.gov/schools/closures.php 

Drop Off and Pick Up

Students need to be at school by 8:30 a.m. for outside stretches and running however once the running path becomes snow bound students will not run until it is clear of snow and ice in the spring (it’s also a little more challenging to run in snow boots). Please remember that school is dismissed at 3:15 p.m. Students should not be picked up any earlier unless there are special circumstances. It can be very busy prior to dismissal and the teachers need to dismiss their classes as a whole group. We are responsible for each and every student so check out is essential to make sure all students leaving the school are accounted for. All students must check out with their teacher before leaving.


Montessori Walkabout

       When the FVCC theatre went dark last Thursday night the stage still reverberated with the voices of Peter Pan and the Lost Boys while the words of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night floated through the air. Theatres are magical places and magical it was during the performances of Peter Pan and Twelfth Night performed by our Montessori students. Each year the plays bring out
hidden talents and aspiring actors. We congratulate all our thespians for their hard work and efforts to make the night a special memory for parents and guests. David, Heather, Angela, Jason and Marcy – Congratulations to you for all your direction, patience and focus to bring it all together!

           As the school year draws to a close it becomes more and more essential that tuition and miscellaneous charges for the 2015-16 school year be paid. Each year families sign a contract with KME&MS that states parents will agree to pay tuition and fees incurred for that year. However each spring we are left with unpaid accounts even though KME&MS staff have fulfilled their educational component of the contract. Failure to pay is a breach of that contract but more than that it puts Montessori in a very precarious monetary situation for the summer months as staff salary is spread over 12 months, along with maintenance costs, etc.that must be paid through August. Currently there are many accounts that are not at zero balance, we need all 2015-16 accounts to be paid by Friday, May 27th. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

                           Upcoming Events

Community Helpers to Woodland every Thursday

Winter P.E. Begins Jan. 8, 2016

Last Winter P.E. Feb. 26, 2016

Spring Raffle Draw and Celebration May 20, 2016  4-7 p.m.

Elem. II Spring Trip May 25, 26, 27 2016 

No School Memorial Day May 30, 2016

3rd Year Field Trip to Whitefish Resort May 31, 2016

Olympic Track/Soccer Days June 1-2, 2016

Year End Celebration at FVCC  June 3,2016


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Elementary II Supply List 2016-2017

Middle school supply List 2016-2017

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