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Why does Kalispell Montessori need to fundraise?

Kalispell Montessori Education (KME) is a non-profit private school. Tuition pays for our basic expenses. Funds raised above and beyond the school’s revenue from tuition allows purchases and upgrades to be made that would not be covered by the annual budget. 

What do donations  go toward?

Each fundraising event has a different focus. Our main fundraising goals are:

  • Scholarships/Tuition: Funds raised above our tuition revenue enables our program to support as many students in the Flathead Valley as possible. The more we fundraise, the less we have to charge for tuition, and the more scholarships we have to give out, which in turn makes the program more accessible for local families.

  • Operating Costs: We rely on a certain amount of dollars each year for a variety of operating costs, including building maintenance, program expansion and purchasing new class materials. This enables the school to maintain high standards in the prepared environment.  It keeps the area fresh, inviting and stimulating, therefore promoting a higher rate of learning. 


What type of fundraisers are there?

  • Cino: A two-day vintage bike ride in Montana from Kila to Hot Springs and back (July)

  • Spring Auction: Our biggest fundraiser of the year. A fantastic online auction with amazing products and services from all over the valley (April)
  • Montessori Mile: A series of races around our track to raise money for the Ravenwood Outdoor program (October)

  • Amazon Smile: Choose KME as a recipient, then buy any Amazon product through this site for no extra cost and they will donate .5% of your purchase to us.

  •  Box Tops for Education::Raise money for KME by downloading an app and simply scanning your receipt (Anytime)

  •  Art to Remember: A chance to purchase products with student's artwork on it (November)

How to support KME:

  • Make an in-kind donation for one of our events.

  • Volunteer for our fundraising committee. Being involved as parents and building a community among families is an important part of the Montessori experience.  As a side benefit to raising money, the process of fundraising is community-building.  Hand-in-hand we work toward a common goal; all the while getting to know each other and growing to care about one another.   Fundraising is also a valuable way to contribute to the community service hours required of each family.  The level of success in fundraising is directly connected to the amount of family involvement we have.  Even a small amount of participation on the part of each family can achieve noteworthy goals.

  • Spread the word about our fundraisers, by word of mouth or online (social media).

  • Participate in an event. Buy an item/raffle ticket or bid on an item.

  • Provide a product or serviceHave a local business? We have many opportunities and ways for you to be involved in our community. We are always looking for donations of time or materials. 

  • Make a monetary donation. We accept donations large and small. It all adds up and can make a huge difference.


Thank you in advance for your support of Kalispell Montessori Education.​ We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and all donations are tax-deductible.  Receipts for donations are available upon request.

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