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Ilse, Freya, and India

"I am a retired public school teacher, principal, and superintendent, and I’m also a board member at Kalispell Montessori Elementary School. I became familiar with the Montessori program many years ago as my son attended Kalispell Montessori from preschool through 6th grade. Yes, as a public school educator and administrator, my son went to the private Montessori School in Kalispell and one that provided an amazing education for my son and many other children. 


Without reservation, I can easily say that there is not a better educational methodology than what the Montessori program offers. I often wonder why more colleges, universities and public schools don’t focus on this methodology and do what’s best for all students. If I was more aware of the excellence of Montessori education when I was preparing to become an educator, I would without a doubt have pursued training to be a Montessori teacher. 

I viewed my son's years at Montessori as an investment and I know it paid off for him. The intangibles along with what students experience daily in their learning have carried over into adulthood as he raises his family and applies his experiences to everyday life. Terms such as independence, self confidence, determination, and compassion are just a few of the lessons that have stayed with him.

There's no doubt in my mind, and I'm unwavering on this, that a Montessori education fits for all students no matter their cognitive abilities or their socioeconomic status. I could at much more length extoll the beauty and overall complete education that students receive who are in this exemplary program, but this narrative would get too lengthy. Instead, I would be honored to speak to anyone individually, or as a group, and expound much more in depth why I am so passionate about this being the most highly effective practice anywhere in the education field." 


Paul Jenkins

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