Elementary I

The Elementary I Program is for students from ages 6 through 9 (first through third grade).  Students move beyond sensorial and practical life experiences of an Early Childhood Program into more challenging academics.  The program is built on the principles of multi-age grouping, concrete lessons, and individual pacing. Teachers provide an atmosphere that allows students to explore while learning to read with proficiency and developing a solid understanding of basic math functions.  Students learn with a personalized work plan based on individual assessments.  Large and small group lessons are also a part of each day. The students participate in many exciting and educational field trips to places like the Glacier Institute’s Big Creek Field Station, Glacier Park, Owen-Sowerwine Nature Preserve, and The Hockaday Center for the Arts.

Elementary II

The Elementary II Program is for students from ages 9 through 12 (fourth through sixth grade).  During these years the students integrate the entire Montessori curriculum into project-driven tasks.  Students continue to work with advanced concepts in Language Arts and Mathematics, integrated with the Science and Cultural Curriculum (History, Geography, Language, Physical Science, and Biology).  Elementary II students can begin studies such as individualized Latin and can participate in beginning Band.  Every spring, the students produce a Shakespearean Festival.  They gain knowledge of project development by designing the sets, sewing costumes, memorizing their lines, and working in production crews – everything necessary to put on a magnificent performance!  Students become increasingly self-directed and aware of their full potential and capabilities.  Graduates leave Kalispell Montessori Elementary with excellent academic, social, and life skills, along with a level of self-confidence that carries them through high school, college, and beyond.  They are truly prepared for life’s journey.


Enrichment Education

All students participate in weekly Art, Music and Spanish language enrichment classes taught by our specialist teachers.  These classes complement and integrate into our curriculum.

Private music lessons are also available at an additional cost for many instruments including piano, guitar, and voice.

Beginning band is also available at an additional cost. for more information regarding private lessons.